Listen to My Heartbeat

the story of a city and the sound that gave them a voice

Washington, D.C. may be the political epicenter of the world, but residents beyond Capitol Hill have long battled socio-economic disparity. LISTEN TO MY HEARTBEAT examines the gentrification of Washington, D.C., the people displaced and the future of their folkloric music, Go-Go. Go- Go has echoed through the city from the Civil Rights Movement until today. The music is one of a few active American Folkloric cultures. Amid the gentrification of the city, city officials have surged an crack down on Go-Go culture. Much like the black residents of the city, Go-Go has been evicted. Evicted without notice. Part rock doc, part political thriller LISTEN TO MY HEARTBEAT examines a changing city, the people displaced, and the future of the music that gave them a voice.


LISTEN TO MY HEARTBEAT highlights the creators of Go-Go, the youth who are innovating it, the neighborhoods that incubated it, and the politics of poverty and violence that influenced its sound.